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Ministers Musings

On Monday there I was over on Millport, on the Isle of Great Cumbrea or 'Big Cumbrea' as the locals call it. The island was teeming with visitors and tourists as it often is when the sun shines. There was loads of people doing the cycle round the island, almost obligatory to do the round the island cycle at least once in your life time. It was good to see so many people smiling and happy due to the great weather helping everyone to enjoy the fantastic scenery. The cafes and chip shops were doing a roaring trade. Sunshine makes a big difference! Faith should make a difference too, faith in a God whose essence is love, faith in a God who manifests himself by means of grace, faith in a God who revealed himself to us through the person of Jesus the 'Sun of Righteousness'. If you have never thought about faith or Jesus before or perhaps you think of Christianity as being nothing more than a set of old dry dusty rules, I would challenge you to read the Gospels and there you will find someone who is quite radical, extremely kind, fantastically caring, someone who came to us full of grace and compassion. I don't follow a rule book, I follow a person: Jesus. You should try following him too and you might find that your life and your outlook becomes brighter and more hopeful. May the light and the warmth of Jesus' light find a place in your heart.


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