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Ministers Musings

Tomorrow is St. Andrew's Day, the day when we celebrate the patron saint of Scotland and yet for many this day will go not only unmarked but unnoticed too. Sadly this may be true of the season of Advent too in this increasngly secular society of ours. For many the period leading up to Christmas, normally known as Advent, will simply be a time of shopping. For some building up debt as they load their credit cards with purchases normally beyond their means. Christmas day for many will be but a time to feast and drink. The churches should be full on Christmas day but sadly many will be pratically empty ot half full at best and many Church buildings would be closed but for it falling on a Sunday this year.

Yet both Advent and Christmas offer an opportunity to find rich meaning at the core of our lives. For me Advent is a time to reflect on the spiritual dimension of life, something other than ourselves, greater than ourselves and also an opportunity to see light or the possibility of it in an often dark world. There is nothing wrong with the caring and sharing of Christmas but sadly it has become a burden for many when it should be a rich fulfilling experience. Christmas day is the climax of Advent when in Jesus God reached out his hand of friendship to humanity and gave us someone who revealed to the world what it is to be truly human and what it is like when humanity and divinity dwell together. So this Advent remember to put Jesus on your priority list, remember to spare a thought and some time for him becuase he is the best gift you could ever find.


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